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Your support

Your greatest support will be your prayers: Please pray for us as we prepare for our service.

Curahuasi is a very poor community and cannot afford high standard medical care. Diospi Suyana is financed by charitable donations. The physicians from overseas receive no salary from the hospital to keep the expenses as low as possible. Therefore our time in Peru working at the hospital will have to be fully funded by individuals and churches. We hope there will be people who feel moved to help us serve God by serving the Quechua.

How to donate

The organization we use to transfer money from the USA to our german missions organization is the D. M. Stearns Missionary Fund.  They are registered with the IRS to provide a tax deductible receipt for donors.  

BENEFIT — They do not take anything out for administrative expenses because they operate as a foundation, with separate funds to cover costs!  They are set up for this purpose to help missions organizations that do not have an office in the USA.

The Procedure:

Donations are transferred directly to our missions organization (VDM) on a monthly basis whether we are in Germany or in Peru.  They close their books the last business day of the month and mail a check to the VDM on the 5th of the next month.


  • Make the check out to D. M. Stearns Missionary Fund.
  • Attach a separate note that this gift is to go to
    "416 -VDM Germany, Boeker"
    Do not write anything on your check about what the check is for, not even in the memo line.
    This is an IRS ruling.
    The attached note takes care of the details, and on the statement they send to the VDM they write the purpose for which the money was given. 
  • Mail the check to:
    D. M. Stearns Missionary Fund
    P.O. Box 1578
    North Wales, PA 19454 
  • If you want you may call them and request they send you the printed guidelines for giving.
    Their phone number is: 215 362-6611. 
  • Your tax deductible receipt will be mailed to you.  This fund does not handle online giving.
    Do not send any other personal correspondence for us to DM Stearns – they do not forward this on to us. 
  • If you want to send your check through automatic bill pay via your bank, DM Stearns would appreciate you sending your own personal check for your first donation (along with a note of your intentions).  This will establish your donor number.  After that you can call your bank and set up an automatic payment with them.  This will include giving them your donor number and our account number "416 -VDM Germany, Boeker", then they send your donation directly from your bank account at the interval you give them (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Projektkonto Unfallchirurgie

Wer uns gerne bei der Anschaffung von OP-Material zur akuten Versorgung Verletzter (insbesondere sog. "Fixateure") unterstützen möchte, darf gerne auf unser Projektkonto dafür spenden. Verwendungszweck: Unfallchirurgie, AC381400

Vielen herzlichen Dank!


If you donate via Pay Pal you will not be able to receive a tax deductible receipt.

Pay Pal will deduct 1.2% per donation + $ .35 as a transaction fee. For a donation of $5 we will be charged $ .45.



Donations on a regular basis

If you decide to support us by donations on a regular basis, it would be really helpful for our budgeting, if you would inform the VDM, which amount you are willing to donate over which period of time. Therefore please send an email to


I would like to support the Boeker family´s work in Peru (AC381000) with ______ $ monthly as from now / beginning _____ (date) for ______ years.


You will then also get our newsletter to keep you updated about our plans and actions concerning Diospi Suyana a few times a year via email.